While You Were Away: Feb 13, 2022

🧠 Thought for the upcoming week:

"To me, leading others is about being willing to share all the credit if it works––and take all the responsibility if it fails.

This doesn’t mean that I don’t believe in accountability. The time to hold others accountable is during the process not after the outcome." – Karen Hebert-Maccaro

One of the greatest marketing campaigns of all time.

Laws, effects, rules, curses––I’m in.

6 simple, but life-changing, steps.

This (among many reasons) is why I love Twitter.

An inside look at the current situation at $PTON.

One of the better explanations I’ve seen on NFT’s.

Nothing new under the sun.

Thinking of launching a YouTube channel? Start here.

Life-lessons everyone should read.

Warren Buffet on “Cigar Butts”.

An underrated way to monetize your knowledge.

“Discipline Burn?” What the hell is that?!? Loved this.