While You Were Away – The best of Twitter: Week of 11-7-21

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"While You Were Away"

Let's Dig in!

1.) Steph Smith - Amazing wildlife photography

2.) Web Smith - Treat every day like it's your first

3.) Trung Phan - Peloton's psychological hacks

4.) Amanda Natividad - Find the right customers, readers, listeners, and followers

5.) Colin Landforce - MSCHF & Andy Warhol

6.) Sahil Bloom - The Eisenhower Decision Matrix

7.) Alex Garcia - A product launch step-by-step

8. ) Jesse Pujji - The Story of Nerd Wallet

9.) Ana Lorena Fabrega - Why kids lose interest in school

10.) Brian Feroldi - A Step-by-step breakdown on how to read a Cash Flow Statement

11.) David Zabinsky - Humans are amazing

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